Friday, September 10, 2010

Well Then, You Had No Choice!

Last night we were all sitting in the living room watching a movie together. At some point Avery left and went to the "school room" which is right next door to the living room. All of a sudden Huston, who was sitting in the chair closest to the hallway to the school room, let out his signature blood curdling over reactive scream.

"What in the world happened??," I asked.

"Avery just poked me with a pencil!," he replied.

I did recall seeing in my peripheral vision someone running in and out of the room... I concluded that Avery must have just committed a run-by poking.

I called him to me. "Avery... did you poke Huston with a pencil?," I asked him in the serious yet understanding mommy voice.

"I got a pencil..." he started to stumble. "because, uhhhh.... Huston took out his pocket knife.... and uhhh, triedtokillme." The whole time he was speaking his little eyes were searching the back of his mind for a valid excuse for his behavior. And I guess this was the best he could do.

I laughed. out. loud. And then I sent him to his room. :)

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