Tuesday, September 14, 2010

D6.... Hit.

No, I'm not playing Battleship.

Tomorrow morning I'm heading out with a gal from the office to Dallas, TX where I will attending the D6 Conference at the end of the week.

What's D6? Well, here's a link - you can go look for yourself a bit if ya wanna. I've never attended but am familiar with a few of the speakers and am therefore very excited about what I may encounter.

I have a growing passion to wake families up (mine included, anything I write on here can also be directed to myself). Wake them up to the responsibilities they have in building faith within themselves and their kids. It's a huge job, it's a hard job, and it's a very much forgotten job. Many families now rely on the church to do the job that God intended for the family. Many families look at the church as yet another "thing" they can sign their kids up for, similar to spanish lessons and soccer practices.

If we don't get this generation of parents comfortable and active in their role of spiritual leadership our nation will suffer for it phenomenally. Talk about wanting to change a nation - really can it happen with any success, any other way then tackling it first in the home?

Marriages are faltering

Parents are spreading thin

Kids are overcommited

Children are being raised by strangers

Education is left to the government

Materialism, social status, educational merit and athletic prowess all take priority over a relationship with God.

Parents are Scripturally illiterate

All of these factors are just the tip of the iceberg of problems that are facing our families today. Satan is having waaaayyyy too much success out there. It's time the church woke up. Bottomline.

But what can a children's minister do to motivate the body of Christ? I'm hoping this conference will have some ideas that might lead to answers that will fit our particular church at this time in it's life. It should be a great experience anyway.

I'll leave ya with two quotes from one of my favorite theologians, Ravi Zacharias...

The first comes from his book, "I, Isaac, Take Thee, Rebekah"

"God designed marriage for union and communion. Adam and Eve had no mother or father to leave, but they were now to become father and mother and transfer the trust so that as God had made them separate yet one, marriage would continue from generation to generation.

This was the first home. This was the first family. From here, all of humanity emerged. The home was instituted before the Church was brought into being. May I underscore that God intended the home to the the seed from which culture flowers and history unfolds. It is not coincidental that a garden was the first setting for the first home."

The home is important, don't let Satan lie to you and convince you otherwise. Everything you do as husband and wife, as father and mother, has eternal consequences and very definite earthly ones as well. As Ravi said in one of his radio broadcasts, "Parents, we have within our homes those who could change nations; let us pour our lives into them."

I'll let ya know what I learn!

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RK said...

What a great lineup. Have a wonderful time. (You know I'm so jealous!) Soak it all up. I look forward to seeing what God has in store for you, equipped with all this new inspiration and information.