Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Quick Recap...

I originally sat down to do a long, tedius  thought-provoking post about how our day went today, but I just don't have the energy to get the job done.  So you get the recap bullet style.  (My boys would be so proud that I'm taking the ammunition approach...)
  • 7:38 am - cranky younger kids from the word go.... everything dramatic, everything terrible... mom sends them outside to preserve her sanity.
  • 8:12 am - feed all children pancakes... supposedly stick to your ribs filling... older boys bummed with me because I'm not liking their attitudes (think a small dose of teenagerhood mixed with a larger dose of little kid "it's not fair")
  • 8:42 am - all children "huuuuungggrrrryyyyy, moooooooommmm" all children reminded that they were fed and denied food - sent outside.
  • 9:22 am - too many fits outside.  Lillie is brought in and placed in front of a movie.  Older boys are brought in and sequestered to their rooms to do homework.... I tackle the piles err... mountains of clothes in the living room to sort for the changing of seasons - out with the summer, in with the fall/winter.  bleh.  I hate that job.
  • 11:27 am - break time - older boys and younger children are sent outside to run and goof off... I'm still dealing with attitudes and clothes.  grrr.
  • 11:41 am - Lillie is brought in crying.  *rolling of eyes* but then realize she is legitimately hurt.  Has been stung on her thumb which is now growing to twice it's normal size.  Call to Gran made.  Benedryl, ice, and After Bite medication administered... back in front of the electronic babysitter she goes... back to the excess clothing I go.
  • 12:14 pm - kids are speed dressing through piles of clothes to see which fit.  Isaiah assigned the duty of running acceptable clothing to appropriate rooms and I bundle up the unneeded, out-grown, overused clothes to deliver to designated areas.
  • 12:48 pm - all pile into the van to get lunch and deliver unneeded, out-grown, overused clothes.
  • 1:24 pm - arrive at grandmas to deliver one bundle.  Visit for a few minutes.  Head to church.
  • 2:17 pm - arrive at church to deliver bundle of unwanted shoes to the shoe donation program.  While there Avery sustains injury at playground.  Deep, disgusting gash above right eye.  Urgent care needed.  Grandad on his way to help.  Gran takes the rest of kids for the afternoon.
  • 2:52 pm - arrive at urgent care where the waiting area is filled with folks, none of them with ailments that seem very urgent.
  • 5:37 pm - leave Urgent care.... Avery now has 6 stitches.  Took 4 adults to hold him down and get the job done.  He's exhausted, I'm exhausted.
  • 6:03 pm - on the way home.  Avery receives a Sonic Cream Slush to help soothe the pain,  which makes Lillie terribly jealous and begins screaming for Gran and Grandad to right the injustice (doesn't matter that they are no where near her at the time to hear her cries for help), and Isaiah is pricked to the heart that he in fact intentionally threw the piece of plastic at Avery's head that caused his forehead to bust open all because he was frustrated that Avery kept throwing gravel at him and Huston on the playground.  He confesses, he's forgiven and all is well.
Very thankful that my parents were there to help me through this afternoon adventure - seriously don't know how this list would look (or if I'd be alive to type it) if I had to take all 4 of my kids to Urgent care for 3 hours to watch their brother fight against getting stitches.

Also thankful that my mother-in-law is coming tomorrow to watch the kids so that I can recoop from a day like today - I'm really hoping this kinda day won't be repeated for a really, really long time.  I will leave you with a picture of my *brave* boy... high on cream slush and motrin :)

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RK said...

Ho-ly-cow. I'm going to bed. You just did me in. :o)