Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Final Stretch...

Hard to believe that by this time next week we should have a new little one in our house...the countdown is on - Wednesday morning for sure, I've given up hope that it could be sooner. Which really is fine, cause I have too many loose ends to tie up. Ever work ahead to get yourself prepared for something and think that everything is pretty much on track, only to realize that really time is slipping away and your pace turned out to be a little slower than it should have been? Well, I'm kind of at that spot now - I say "kind of" cause it isn't really anything major, just a lot of little things - and if they have to wait, they can wait.

My husband willingly moved stuff around (my mom helped him with some of the bigger furniture) to where I preferred it to go - freeing up some space in the living room for some baby essentials - like that magical swing! That makes my mind feel at ease now about baby sisters arrival - no major things to be done when we get back from the hospital. Here is a picture of kooky Avery crawling into the empty drawers of one of the cabinets that I was having moved...if you click on the one on the right you can see the cheezy smile that Avery if giving for his "pitcher" -

The boys seem to be getting more and more excited and less anxious which is very nice to see. We are trying to keep them busy, keep them in their routine plus some fun play dates and such while I am in the hospital. We've farmed them out some, Steven will take some work time off to keep them some, they will stay with family some...a little bit of everything. Isaiah is very excited, drawing his sister pictures and wanting to help me with everything. He is very sensitive to the needs of his family members - he is a great big brother.

My brother-in-law will be married by this time next week too. My in-laws will be able to spend a few hours with their new granddaughter on Wednesday before they need to head to the city to catch the plane to Honduras - they are very excited of course, we all are...and Tio Daniel and Tia Carol will be able to come stateside to see all of us in early April. We have a reception for them, a birthday party for Huston, a baby shower for Lillie, and a wedding shower for one of my good friends all coming up in April - it should be a fun and busy month! So I am slowly plugging away at all of these upcoming events (really not many of the responsibilities fall on me, so it's do-able) and before I know it April will be over.

So we will continue to keep you posted...should have some fun pictures for you soon. It may be quiet here for a few days, but we will catch you up very soon - maybe I can post some pictures from the hospital using my folks' laptop - or assign someone to do it for me - we will see.

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Anonymous said...

I just came to your blog to snatch a few pictures to print for our prayer "wall" refrigerator. Please post some pictures of your newly arranged living room. :0 See you on Friday!