Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rocks and Water

The perfect combination really if you are a young boy - at least that's the belief of the Spellman household. Today was a beautiful spring day so we all went out for a walk this afternoon on a local trail. A walk is not only a good family exercise that will allow the boys to run off their energies at their own pace, but it could also help me convince baby girl that it's time to meet the outside world - so hopefully there was some benefit to everyone involved. Avery wanted to walk for awhile at first so Isaiah grabbed the stroller for me and he and Huston took off. They would run ahead and then sit on the side of the trail and wait on the pregnant lady and the toddler to catch up.

As you can see the stroller was quite handy - either for its intended use, or for its alternate use - as a chair to wait for the slow people...

Avery walked along really well - our pace was slow, which is what we both liked and he willingly held my hand so I could keep him out of the way of the other folks using the trail pretty easily. We stopped for some pictures sometimes.

Here are the boys posing for a picture together, one of the last group shots of just the guys before baby sister will enter the family picture...

Avery at one point decided he was tired I guess...he suddenly released my hand walked over to the middle of the trail (luckily no one was needing to pass by us at that particular moment) and laid himself down right in the middle of the road. I was laughing as I took this picture and asked him if he was tired, about that time a runner passed us and commented that Avery's idea looked pretty good to him...

Well, we walked probably a little over 1/2 a mile or so and came across the perfect spot for throwing rocks - now this activity out shines walking any ol' day so we all made our way to the creek bank and spent at least 45 minutes throwing rocks into the water...well, I spent the time taking pictures and sitting on a log, but it was nice to have the break and as you can see the boys sure enjoy it.

So that was our afternoon, we may just have to repeat it for tomorrow - or find a new activity to do outside, cause the weather man is going to be nice to us again...I love spring, especially after a long and cold winter.

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