Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Nice Weekend

These last couple of days were pretty nice, the boys spent 2 nights with Steven's folks - grandma had Friday off of school (I swear our public school children never attend school anymore, I think they get twice the number of days off than I ever remember getting!)...and let me just say that the rotten smell of spoiled children was quite pungent this time around - but they are in detox and everything is fine - and they of course had a great time with grandma, which is what is important.

So what does a full-term pregnant lady do with a house empty of children for a whole Sat? Sleep! I lazed around most of the morning and then finally rallied myself to go out to do some comparison shopping at Sams on some baby essentials - and let me just say Sams on a spring-like Saturday afternoon is a madhouse! But I survived (cause I didn't have children to tag along). Later Steven went to pickup Avery - he had a one night with grandma limit - and so he dropped me off at the antique store to meet my good friend Tammy for one last girls night out before the baby comes. We shopped and ate and talked and had a great time. I got home in time to set my clock forward and get an hour or two of sleep before the contractions started coming every 5-7 minutes...but don't get your hopes up, they promptly quit when the light of day dawned. This is the second time she has done this to me - I say she's a stinker.

Huston came home from grandma's with a low grade fever and Isaiah came home with a grandparent hang-over. So Steven stayed home from church with Huston and in the afternoon all three boys laid down for a nap at once - which is a real rarity these days. I went to a baby shower for a church friend with my mom, then we drove around town in search of a cheap fountain Coke (long story) and finally I spent the evening at home marveling at how our children can seem to be so much bigger after just a couple of days of being away. When did Avery start to talk sooo much? Isaiah and Huston must have added an inch to their heights. Huston is fine, just exhaustion more than sickness and sorry, no pictures - they weren't home to capture, will try to make up for it this week. And very sorry, no baby - yet...hopefully soon though - the 19th for sure. So stay tuned!

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