Monday, March 3, 2008

A Mommy Testimonial

Ok, I really don't find things very often that I think are just so great that everyone should try them...but I really like these new kind of crayons that Crayola is putting out. They are called Slick Stix and they are great for little hands learning to write. My mom got some for Avery at Christmas. They are very bright and they glide onto the page so easily, no matter how much pressure the kiddo puts onto the page - so success in making a mark on the paper is guaranteed - that isn't the case with other types of crayons the kids have tried. They are a little messy - but much less messy than markers, and really easy to clean up after. Here are some pics of Avery using his this afternoon.

After awhile of working on the paper, he decided to do his nails...

Here are his finished projects...the hand and the paper...but the hand art wiped off with just a warm washcloth - no soap needed, and no residue left behind to wear off later...

So if you have a little person in your life that needs practice with those fine motor skills and you need something that might perk their interest, give these a try...they really are fun, just ask Avery.

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