Monday, March 24, 2008

Random Answers #6

Here they are...and the theme is random :-)

1. How's your closet? Do you use all the same kind of hangers? Wire, plastic, or wood? Do you hang everything in the same direction, like all shirts facing the same way?

2. Are you a channel flipper or a commercial watcher? OR do you get up and do a quick task during commercials? OR are you a DVR addict who never watches a commercial because you never watch shows as they actually air?

3. Have you ever looked at your house after a holiday and truly debated just packing a suitcase and walking away?

4. How do you keep your kids, especially the under 2 crowd, calm during long road trips? Ever considered a "travel nanny"?

5. Do you notice typos in other blogs, articles, or even handwritten notes or cards? Or let your brain skim the text for the concept and skip the details of spelling and grammar?

My closet is hodgepodge - I used to try to keep everything organized on color coded plastic hangers but...well as we have added children and as the husband has taken over the wash the hanger coordination has fallen we have wire and plastic and cheapo and whatever Steven can find to hang stuff on. He line dries all of the clothes and especially in the winter that means that everything is stuck on a hanger and hung downstairs to you never know what your going to find or what it will be stuck on.

I tend to sit fixated to the commercials when I am at the folks houses...I don't know why that is. If I have control of the remote I tend to flip around at times...but I think for the most part I just sit and watch or go get a drink and stuff. At home it's all dvd viewing and of course I skip the previews and all the junk at the beginning!

After a holiday? I look at my house like that almost everyday :-) Seriously, I have to really motivate myself to get through all the dishes and junk and little toys and papers and crayons and laundry, etc. that this crew can generate in a few days...but the funny thing is, after I get going and get everything sorted and straightened, more and more with the help of the boys, I sit down after its all done and realize that it doesn't take that much time to "de-clutter" everything again. It is the mounds of it staring you in the face that makes me think the task in impossible, but the mounds usually are pretty manageable in the long run. Now the deep cleaning part - that's a totally different subject!

Frequent breaks in travel help the kids during the long trips - even if it's just getting out to run in a park or get a drink at a gas station. The under 2 crowd is the hardest to entertain for sure - because they really can't do many things for themselves and they are strapped down for so long...movies help, but even then they can get boring after a time. Snacks help, but then there is always a mess to deal with afterwards. Traveling with grandparents help in this category too, but the downside is that you have to travel with grandparents :-) meaning that the grandma-itis is constantly rearing its ugly head. So the answer is to drug them with benedryl - just kidding!

I notice typos at times - I do tend to notice mistakes in my own stuff more than I notice it in somebody else's, but there are many times I will read a paragraph of my writing after several proofs and notice a misspelled word or something that I totally didn't see before. So I guess I'm not a very good proofer after all...


RK said...

Benadryl...I keep seeing that come up here and there. ;o)

I don't even pretend that I could keep my house up with more than this one I I don't keep up with it even now! Holidays just seem to be worse for me because more food means more dishes and the kitchen is what I like to be nice and neat, even if the rest of the house is crazy.

Jessie said...

yes I agree - the house after the holidays is an all new level of disorganization! :-)