Saturday, September 6, 2008

Attn All Annoying People

Can you please just clear out of my way for the next few days? I'm just not in the mood to deal with you. I can be a very patient person, but I just don't have it in me right now. And the biggest problem with this plan is that you don't see yourselves as annoying and I often don't identify you in time to avoid you. So maybe I will just have to stay out of stores, restaurants, and other public places....and not answer the phone....and stay off the computer....oh heck, I'll probably just have to place myself in some type of padded room - but that won't work either because at times I annoy even myself.

So lets back up - we will try a new angle, I will attempt to deal with most of the stuff that I encounter out and about....can we just make this pact, let's not talk politics right now? I am pretty much sick of it all. I am not too keen on anyone - I will admit one party grates on me more than the other, but they both at this point in my life sicken me. I used to like politics, but now they just depress me. Everyone is phony baloney in my book and it makes me crazy that people are hepped up about any of it. So this is going to be a politics-free zone. At least this little piece of my fabricated world I can I don't care who you like and who you think is great or dumb, we are not to talk about them here...and if you see me in real life - I don't care to talk about any of it. I know - I'm setting myself up to be annoyed....I'm just glad I don't have TV.

Last night we went to the neighborhood rec center and went swimming. It was a lot of fun. Everyone was exhausted and hungry when we got home! Even Lillie stayed in the water a good majority of the time. Isaiah is really doing well with his swimming, he hops from the lazy river to the big water slide to the kiddie pool to check on his brothers. Huston is not nearly as timid as he used to be. He still stays in the shallow end (and I mean shallow as in 1 1/2 ft. of water shallow) but he dives under the water and attempts to float and swim as long as he can quickly recover with his feet when it becomes a little too intimidating. We purchased some goggles for the older boys and they have really given Huston the little push he needed to do the underwater stuff.

I think we will need to enroll Avery in lessons next summer - he loves the water and goes down the little kiddie slide over and over...he is just too cranky to take instruction at this time in the game. He is a very insistent little guy! Lillie wiggled and kicked and laughed and apart from one moment of sputtering because her mom unintentionally got her face too close to the water and she sucked some in - she enjoyed herself a lot.

I was able to break away from everyone for a few moments and swim laps - I am trying to find ways to get moving - I need to for my own body's sake, but I also just want to be able to set that example for my kids as they grow. I feel the burden even more so now that Lillie is in the family. We definitely live in the media age and I don't want Lillie to grow up thinking that the image portrayed in the media is the image she needs to live up to. So Isaiah and Huston and I have been swimming, walking and even jogging a little in the neighborhood and on the trails here in town. In a couple of years we will add biking when Avery will be able to keep up with us a bit.

I currently run/jog at a Huston level - when he gets tired I am ready for a running break too! and we actually go about the same pace. Which for right now is helpful cause Isaiah can run ahead and I can stay behind with Huston to encourage him to keep trying. (But I do hope to eventually break out of his level :o) I am hoping this will make exercise fun for all of us and just a natural part of our routines.

Anyway, that's kind of what we've been up to lately. I will post pictures soon, the next time even, I promise. Haven't had the camera out too much, but I will remedy soon as I figure out where I left it.

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