Monday, September 29, 2008

My Aren't I Chatty Today

Kind of makes you think I have the evening to myself doesn't it....3 posts in one day just might be a record. I had to add another because RK has already turned out another series of you know what!

That's right, everyone's favorite blogger get to know you game! Tonight's subject is laundry!

1. Who does the laundry in your house?

Steven does our laundry. I started out doing it and did for many years, but I never really did the laundry the way Steven prefers to have it done. So after kid number 3 I believe he volunteered to take it over - and by that time I was more than willing to let him have it!

2. Are you/or they a sorter? What's your system?

If I sort I separate the clothes from the towels and bedding and then the piles go like so: whites, naturals, darks and brights. When I still felt the need to be in control of how the laundry was washed I would go down and separate the clothes for Steven and then let him do the rest. He would never keep the piles they way I wanted them though - so I came to a crossroads - either let him do it the way that he wants to and let it go or make this a huge battle every week. So needless to say I stay out of the laundry room these days.

3. Do you fold at the dryer? Dump on the couch? Not fold at all? (Psst, Karen K, I like your system, do share with the class.)

I dump it out onto a bed or something and do it all load by load - if I get to it! Often times I was pulling wrinkled things out of a laundry basket at the end of the week though. Steven is a bit more on top of things - he usually washes the majority on Friday and Saturday and spends Sunday afternoon in the downstairs bedroom folding away and listening to his music.

4. Do you have any "laundry quirks"? Things that *can't* go in the dryer, dry in a specific manner, hung on a specific hanger, only get washed by hand--no matter what the care instructions say?

Steven's laundry quirk is that everything is air dried. Even in the winter, all articles of clothing, bedding, towels and anything that has been washed hangs from a clothes line in the basement or backyard. This is what made me hand the duty over to him - I hate taking the time to line dry - I shove it in the hot temp. dryer and the faster the clothes are done the better. Steven prefers the stiff scratch of line-dried material. So since he really wants it that badly - he can do it. I have been known to pull things off of his line and fluff them up a bit in the dryer - but other than that little exercise, our poor dryer sees no action. One pet peeve I have is that he often puts the boy's wet shirts on an adult sized hanger to dry and it stretches out the neck line of the shirt. But again, I've pointed it out, asked him to stop in a respective manner and it still happens - so I just sigh, mutter under my breath and remind myself that at least I don't have to do the wash. :o)

5. Do you have any great tips for stain removal?!? Please share!

I used to use Oxy clean - but Steven isn't into spending time on stain removal. I just purchased shout gel spray and use it cause you can treat the stain and leave it on the fabric for up to a week. So since Steven doesn't check to see if a garment has stains, I try to catch them before they go into the dirty clothes basket - so far so good - but we've only been doing this a week or two! Not really a good strong line of research!

So anyway I've aired our dirty laundry on the subject (ha, I know, that was bad). Basically my role in chore is don't make the guy mad cause I don't want the job back!

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RK said...

Line drying?!? I'd hand him the job too! I hate crunchy clothes, and I'm just not convinced it saves any energy, somehow. :o)