Thursday, September 4, 2008

So Today...

was not a gold-star mommy day. It was more like a Peppermint Patty "D-" day.

All the elements were in line once again for a yucky time of sleep, rainy day, tired kids, hormones (you know what I mean moms)...and all that good stuff mixed together to create a very short mommy fuse. I hate short fuse for mommy days as much as the kids do, cause its a day full of constant reminders of how really terrible I can be at this motherhood thing.

Well, we limped through the morning...then went swimming right before lunch with some friends and that really turned out to be somewhat of a bright spot in the day. The kids exhausted themselves and after eating their weight in food for lunch, EVERYBODY laid down for an afternoon nap!...and we all woke up in time to make it to Sonic for that lovely happy hour!

The afternoon was looking so good I even decided to do a bit of math with Isaiah. I usually shy away from such activities on these poopy days because they NEVER turn out well - its called adding grease to the fire. But things were clicking, answers were coming easy, concepts were getting gotten (yes I homeschool - and use the english language very poorly - you can do both)...until all of a sudden we hit a wall...and I mean all of a sudden. The very concept that the boy was telling me was "so easy" now produced a very blank stare. I breathed deeply, let out the bad air, and I got out the manipulatives...I tried to help him visualize it. I went through the problem step by step, I was even thinking to myself "my I am explaining this so clearly..." then I asked him for his final answer...I was met with the deer in headlights look and the stammering of "oh gosh, I haven't been listening to a word my mom has just said and she needs me to answer correctly..."

Needless to say I got upset - remember the evil mommy elements were lined up perfectly? I sent him to his room with him asking between sobs (I kid you not) "Mom, is it ok if I cry..." Sure, go ahead, why not - I feel like doing that myself.

So when Isaiah is in his room for punishment these days his routine is to find himself a pencil and a piece of paper and write me a note about the situation that got him to his room. This part was the lesson of the moment for me today. The note went like this - and I am quoting...

"mom I am soree (sorry) theat (that) I was not lisning (you can figure that one out) to scool. Wil you forgiv me. I am soree....(then at the very bottom of the paper in tiny letters) Be kom."

Did you get that last part of his note? He was telling me to be calm. *Sigh* why does God have to make kids so brain damaged and yet so smart too? Just so you are aware...that last part was a personal note from God Himself. I am taking His advice and I am trying to be calm. I did not punish my child anymore - I sent him to play...and after dinner? He was right back on track telling me how easy this math stuff is...

Be calm moms. :o)


Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

He has good advise, but it's hard for us moms sometimes. I'm glad the evenign ended on a happy note.

Our Four Sons said...

Even though we don't home school, we haven't been supplimenting much this week for the same reasons. In the three weeks he's been in kindergarten, Austin just hasn't gotten the concept that he needs to sleep a bit more in the mornings so he can make it through the day without a nap. He gets off the bus and is a zombie and the "issues" begin.

For some reason the four year old has been back tracking for about five weeks and wetting the bed rhyme or reason, during nap time or during the night 3-4 times a week no matter his liquid consumption or number of times sent to the bathroom to "let it all out".

Amazingly, our three year old is doing the best of all four boys.

The two year old has decided to try for a bit more independence and terrible twos. The screaming and crying for no reason, throwing himself on the ground, being a real grouch to everyone. Fun, fun!

I just realized I wrote a book....sorry! I was trying to say its been one of those weeks...this too will pass! I laugh when I think of talking to Jason last weekend about what we could do to keep them from growing up...he reminded me we'll have a 18,17,16 and 15 year old in 13 I can do my complaining then.