Friday, March 27, 2009


These past few days have been great! I jumped out of the crazy family weekend of parties and right into spring break. The public schools are closed for this week - which for us home schoolers, that doesn't really mean much - except one very important factor....grandma is on vacation.

Huston spent the night with her Sunday night. She returned him Monday morning and switched him out for Isaiah and Avery for an errand then met up with all of us again and took us out for a lunch of Mexican. She ended up keeping Isaiah overnight on Monday night. Monday was a gorgeous spring day and we spent the afternoon playing outside in the sunshine - smelling the fresh spring air, with the exception of the blooming bradford pear tree (which look lovely but smell terrible!)

Tuesday grandma came over to stay with all of the kids while I went to a meeting at church and then helped a family in our church care for their newborn for a few hours. All I had to do was sit in a hospital room and cuddle a 3 week old baby for 3 hours while the parents went home to help out their older autistic child. What a sweet baby boy - he's battling an infection - but the prognosis is now very good....they at one point thought they were going to lose him. I returned home to cook supper for our church's small group and they all came over that evening to eat and visit and study.

We all just chilled out on Wednesday - to tell you the truth I was sooo tired. I ended up having to take Avery to the walk-in clinic that morning because his ear infection from a few weeks ago didn't die with the first round of antibiotics and he was restless all Tuesday night with ear pain....and of course our regular dr closes his offices on Wednesday. (murphey's law, right?)

But yesterday, yesterday was the bestest day ever! My mother-in-law returned once again to watch all the children while I went with my friend Tammy to St. Louis just to grocery shop at Trader Joes. Love Trader Joes!! The day was beautiful, the plans were perfect. We leisurely shopped, we ate at Chick-fil-A for lunch (another buisness I wish our town would get!). The traffic was easy and we returned to town with plenty of time to go and quietly peruse an antique mall - oh how very long it has been since I have explored the treasures of an antique store. Then I dropped off my groceries at the house and turned right back around to leave again and have dinner with some long time friends. A whole day without children and doing something fun and not work related....awesome! Our Tigers also made it into the Elite Eight of march madness (which is rather exciting, even for this gal that doesn't follow college basketball any other time of the year!)

So today Steven leaves for a Ron Paul convention (not sure that convention is the right term, but oh well) so my fun time was perfectly situated right before a single mom weekend...I am ready and hoping that Avery and Lillie will let me sleep at night!

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RK said...

That DOES sound like some good days! Sorry I missed you through on the StL trip... I haven't forgotten your email. I'm just TERRIBLY behind on following up. I'll get to it today..promise!!