Tuesday, March 31, 2009

She's So Proud...

I haven't posted a movie in awhile, so I thought the natural movie subject to share with you would have to be our now 1 year old Lillie and her *bravery* - ahem, you will see in just a second what I am talking about.

The girl is so sweet - she is just a laid-back type of gal yet she doesn't take any gruff from her brothers. If they get in her face and she's not in the mood, she can sure let them know it. Here are a few shots from when Huston and Lillie were outside together enjoying the sunshine a few days ago.

You can see here how Huston likes to snuggle (or just plain get in her face) but as you can also tell in this picture... Lillie isn't enjoying it too much...

He eventually ended up like this with a "gentle" push from his baby sister. (I told you, she can hold her own!)

Don't worry, no brothers were harmed in the filming of these pictures.

Lillie is usually content to just sit and play and watch all of the antics of her older brothers without trying very many of her own. But she's getting a little more bold and a little more brave and hey, when it comes right down to it, if what she does will gain the attention and admiration of her public then by all means she is glad to do it.

Right now that's where she's at with her *attempts* at walking - she really is not at all brave enough to shuffle that foot in front of the other to take that first unassisted step, but my, she is quite proud of herself when she stands without support. This video will show a little taste of that. She can get to the standing position on her own, but she at times prefers to have her brother's help. She will stand there and cheer along with everyone else concerning her feat and then she will usually sit herself right back down on her rear to start the fun all over again. Unfortunately I didn't capture that phenomenon, in this clip she just gets down and starts crawling away.

So enjoy our Lillie (and yes, her hair is getting lighter - what's up with that?? is she going to become a blondie after all? keep tuning in to find out!)

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