Thursday, March 19, 2009

Update: The Countdown Continues

The party stuff is going well...I have learned that there should be close to 15-18 adults attending - that gives me a good estimate on the food. Huston said he wanted hot dogs, carrots and black olives for his birthday dinner. I think I have negotiated him into waiting on the hot dogs and instead talked him into shredded turkey sandwiches (there is a large turkey breast in our freezer that is wanting to sacrifice itself for such an occasion). We have tons of BBQ sauce that was left over from an event at Steven's work (we have cases of the stuff, it's good stuff too).

So the menu will be BBQ turkey (great thought Jen!), potato salad, beans, chips and rotel dip, carrots, black olives, pickles, fruit, and lots of cakes. Dirt cake for Huston (cause he's all boy and likes the dirt) Then this cake for Lillie, and a simple variation of this cake for Carol, along with butterfly sugar cookies decorated by the local bakery because I don't do cookies. I barely do cakes. That's a lot of food and I am sure we will have left overs.

Lillie had a practice run with the cake eating tonight. We had some friends over for games and brownies to help celebrate Lillie's birthday on her birthday. Here she is with her brownie and ice cream and also with her little friend. Brett is just a few months younger than Lillie so his turn for the birthday fun will be very soon!

I am delegating jobs and will be delegating kids on Saturday so that I can get party central up and running. We will be holding the festivities at my parents house. They have more room and they have television for those out-of-town male members of the family that might be going mad about march madness. So I am anticipating a fun time and hoping the weather holds out! **right now it's predicting rain and low 50s :0(

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