Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Crossing Things Off My List

This week should see a few major things come to a close...

  • The new house - the end of this week should find it with new flooring, new paint (on the main level only), a new refrigerator, new trim work, and the plumber finding and fixing any last minute issues.
  • VBS - will be over on Friday night. We kept it very simple this year thankfully. And Friday will be a family worship concert led by Seeds Music! Awesome. I cannot wait for that!

The close of these events will bring on new projects and challenges...

  • Getting the house ready to move into - cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and maybe antiquing the kitchen cabinets too.
  • Packing - ugh, I think I'll just dump everything into boxes and deal with it later?? Oh, ok, I'll pack nicely.
  • Figuring out what I'm going to do with the preschool curriculum at church for the fall - I hate what we've got now. I'm toying with the idea of just coming up with stuff myself for each week but that puts a lot on me... and it's probably not the best timing for that. But I'll have to come up with something.
I will be doing the following while trying to figure out how to keep, enjoy, care for entertain and not go crazy with 4-6 children depending on the week and if I'm babysitting.

We'll see how it goes! Can't wait to get the pictures of the house up here for you to see - but I won't do it until it's totally done - so wait patiently with me ok!

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