Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Poor, Poor Neglected Blog

Why write? My kids just haven't done anything cute lately...

Ok, not really. I just haven't had the time or the energy - but I'm getting better.

Last week was a whirlwind. VBS (Vacation Bible School) consumed our existence and even stole some sleep - but it's over now. And I always look forward to VBS being over... isn't that awful.

I was thinking that this week would be quite quiet around here - the myriad of contractors and home improvement people were to be finished at the new house. My work schedule would suddenly be not so full and the kiddos that stay with us during the day would be staying the week at their grandparents...

But the best laid plans...

The kiddos are with us this week after all - no big deal, just makes for a different dynamic to our day... this mother turns entertainer or the older ones are whining "I'm boooreedd...."

The painter and trim guys are still working hard at the new house, and a plumber is to join the ranks sometime this week too allegedly. Not sure if we can get everything cleaned and ready to move into by this weekend or not. And then my husband and I may have differing views on how easy-peasy this move is going to be. I haven't yet pulled the "remember when" card but I may have to - you see Steven came down with a terrible case of the flu right before we moved into this house - and he left me, then pregnant with Huston, to organize the event. U-Haul it is! Now he is talking about a truck and small trailer (or maybe even two trucks!! wow.) - and I am thinking of our poor "movers" (friends and family oblivious to what they might be getting themselves into).

I still need to do some stuff at the house too - and not sure exactly how or when I'm going to fit that in.

And then there is that job that I have - oh yeah - guess I had better remember to do something about that this week as well.

So you may not see me for a bit - but when I return I will hopefully have pictures of a moved into house.

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