Sunday, June 7, 2009


Last week was a long week. It was my first full week of watching two additional kiddos - we were goin', goin', goin' and no mommy naps at all that week. By Friday we were all tired but I especially just could not keep my eyes open when the afternoon lull hit.

I got the kids a big bag of magic nuudles from Hobby Lobby that morning, so I poured them into bowls and got them some wet washcloths and all the kids busied themselves with creativity while Lillie napped. I took the opportunity to grab a book and sit out on my rocking chair on our front porch.

Friday was absolutely gorgeous here. The temp was in the mid-70s, low humidity and a gentle breeze - all that an early summer day should be. Of course my reading didn't last long - my eyes just wouldn't allow it. I soon closed my book and closed my eyes - I was sitting there rocking, enjoying the beautiful weather - listening to the sounds of the birds and the gentle breeze rustling the trees. I smelled our supper that was cooking in the oven through the open window near my chair and then it happened. I was totally transported.

I sudenly was at Clifton and Frances' house. For those of you who don't know, Clifton and Frances were very special people in my life. They were our neighbors across the street - and older couple that I came to view as my grandparents. I grew up under their care and watchful eye and spent many, many evenings and afternoons on their front porch swing. There was something about that moment. That gentle breeze, that rocking motion, that smell of food that totally placed them into my mind.

Clifton and Frances have been gone for close to 4 years now. I can remember because I was dilated and full term pregnant with Avery when I traveled to Frances' funeral, and Clifton passed away a few months later. It is amazing to me how often they come to mind. Well, it's amazing, but then again it's not - because they were such a fixture in our family, so very special that of course they would become, essentially, a part of me as well... but really after their passing I didn't expect that I would recall them so often.

Isaiah and Lillie are both named for them (Isaiah Clifton and Lillie Frances). Isaiah is so proud of that - I am surprised that he tells people, his friends, about his and his sister's special names quite often. He will also occasionally stop out of the blue at times and say, "Mom, I remember those cookies Frances used to make..." or "I remember when you found out that Clifton had passed away..." It's again amazing to me that he experienced only 4 short years with quite a distance between them - but they made such a marked impression upon him as well.

I love being transported back to the love and memories of the past. I think it's a tiny little glimpse of how we will feel in heaven - no tears, no worries, no fears - just a since of this is where I belong, and this is how it feels to be loved. I can't wait to hook up with Clifton and Frances again someday... but until then I will impatiently wait for those times that it feels like I'm sitting on their front porch.

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