Friday, July 3, 2009


Sorry for my strong language. I am so fed up with childish behavior and I know that is simply me reaping what I have sown (or lack thereof) over the past couple of months. I have been so busy (too busy) to focus on the kiddos' behaviors... now?

Now I have Isaiah that has difficulty following any sort of direction, no matter how small or insignificant... "Isaiah please get forks for everyone for supper"... we sit down to no forks. "Isaiah, go into the top drawer of Lillie's dresser and bring me her pants"... he comes back with socks that he found in the box on top of the dresser because he never pulled open the top drawer. All the way down to him not doing the chores I've asked him to do on a daily basis without me hounding... er... reminding him to do so.

Huston is throwing a fit about everything. Everything is a huge deal - he has no coping skills at all. He couldn't find his sword - so he cried. Isaiah said the wrong thing to him - so he hit him. I asked him to stop playing to come inside - he stomps his feet and slams the door. Tears, whines, screams, stomps, gnashing of teeth... and that's just my reaction. Ok, not really, but such things can certainly cause me to raise my voice!

Avery is still acting like he's two when the boy is closer to 4 years old than I care to admit. He still is not potty trained, he still manipulates others with his throw down fits and he still requires very little sleep and therefore has very little quite time. The boy need to learn to be quiet at times. and to stop screaming. and to ask for things in a polite manner. and to develop some coping skills as well. and the list could go on and on.

Lillie? She's just into everything. The toilet, the trash can, the cabinets, climbing onto table tops, fitting herself into small places, trying to keep up with the big boys.

Ok, I'll stop now. I just looked over my shoulder and Avery has climbed into the play pen with Lillie and she is totally snuggling into him like he's the best brother in the world and Avery is putting his arms around her telling her that she is "so cute." My kids aren't terrible. They are just kids. Children act childish sometimes.

Oh wait, like right now, Lillie has stopped snuggling an is now slapping Avery on the belly.... yeah, the training continues.

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