Monday, July 27, 2009


To dispel any myths that I have become a super organized ultra homemaking mom since moving out here to the "country"....

Today, I am taking my grandma on a trip to see her cousins for lunch. I will be taking Lillie with me but the boys will stay here at the house with their grandma while I make the trek. I bought a chicken at the grocery store last night and decided that I would put it in the crockpot and let it cook overnight while I slept and then wake up to cooked chicken and broth to use in a casserole for their lunch today... so that they wouldn't have to worry about lunch... because it would already be cooked and prepared for them... and it was a great idea, so very on top of things, so very organized and I smiled to myself the whole time that I prepared the crockpot last night.

I stopped smiling this morning when I discovered that I never turned the durn thing on!! Yes I woke up to raw chicken sitting in water. Not so good for the casserole. But maybe a trip to Sonic down the way would be a good afternoon activity for them.... or there is always peanut butter sandwiches - the staple meal of the unorganized.

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RK said...

Oh dear, now you're sounding like me, and for that I'm so so sorry!