Monday, July 20, 2009

Ummm, Yeah...

I'm still here. Still trying to figure stuff out - still don't seem to have the time, and more like the thought-process or energy to sit here and bust out a great post (like there were very many of those in the beginning).

But we are getting settled into our house - here are a few things I've learned so far....

*I move more slowly out here - it's like the country is rubbing off on me a little bit. When I walk out the door, it's so quiet and peaceful and slow that I find myself moving slower as well.
*I'm getting braver with the creepy crawlies. I don't jump every time something buzzes past my ear. I look for creatures hiding in the grass at my feet. I have no problems (ok, a little bit of a problem, but not as bad as it was...) in pulling ticks of my children.
*The kids have not had another case of poison ivy since we have moved in (knock on wood). Steven hasn't fared as well, but the last case was so bad that he went to the doc and received magic cream that clears the stuff up super fast - needless to say we stocked up.
* I enjoy putting the laundry on the line - go figure - guess it has to do with the slow-paced mood.
*We have lots of bluegill in the pond, we haven't caught anything else yet (except a turtle).
*I still worry about Avery being outside by himself (the wanderer of the family).
*I am slowly becoming more organized. I don't leave the house everyday - I did when we lived in town, just felt I had to get out and get going. Now I plan the trips and I plan the week's menu so that I know what I need to do. Cooking a lot more from scratch too - means more dishes and more time in the kitchen, but really it hasn't been too bad.
*I'm scared of the winter to come - the mice especially - please, please, please, dear Lord, don't let us have an infestation. I think I can handle one or two rogue mice, but not a whole family. I am also kinda scared of getting major cabin fever.
*We discovered blackberry bushes in our backyard - just in time to harvest their fruit!
*A house in town that's not selling can be rather stressful and savings account depleting.... I have to turn this matter back over to God just about 327 times a day.
*Especially when I walk into our school room - it's an unorganized mess because I have no funds to buy anything to organize it. It's not a huge problem and I want to wait until I can afford to buy exactly what I want anyway - just causes a bit of frustration when I think, "Oh I should start Huston on his reading... and where is that book??"

I really hope to get some more alone time in the near future to organize many areas of my life - specifically work stuff and the home schooling stuff.

But we have been busy doing other things that I need to post on - church camp, a ball game and then this week we have a trip to the zoo planned. So hopefully I will get to it sometime!

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