Monday, July 13, 2009

Cue Daunting Music...

It's again time to tackle the potty training of the world's most stubborn little boy. If they had potty training schools that I could send him to for a week and the boy be trained without any effort on my part I would find a way to dish out whatever price they were asking... no matter the financial sacrifice.

That being said I must now tell you that before, when other moms would talk about potty training in the dread-filled, exaggerated moans and groans I didn't get it. That is until Avery came along. Now I'm not saying that Isaiah and Huston were a walk in the park - we definitely had rough patches. But the key was I had waited until they had decided that it was time to learn. They initiated the process, I jumped on it, and it was oh so much easier. But they were a little older than 3 when they broached the subject....

Avery will be 4 on November 1st. For the other boys I had never before been so anxious to get them trained as I have with this one. I think it's the thought of having only one of my 4 children in diapers - you know the light alerting me that the end of the diaper stage is in fact near. But if you would ask me today, I would swear to you that Lillie will end up being the one trained before Avery.

It is also the age - the thought of having an almost 4 year old still in diapers sickens me. Really he could do it... but here's the problem, can I be blunt with you, I mean we are adults. Come closer if you want to and I'll whisper... he's scared to poop. Not only is he scared to poop, but he was born with a stubborn head and great muscular control if you know what I mean. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

That child can withhold for days!! I feed him whole grains, vegetables, fruits and juices. I even pulled out the prune juice this round. I let him wander the house nudie and he will sit on the pot and not poop for hours... I'm not exaggerating. See...

That, my dear friends, is my Avery sitting on his potty chair in our living room in front of a movie. That is a glimpse of the lengths I have gone to accommodate this child and his refusal to do what God had intended. On Monday he sat like this almost all day (now, I gave the boy some breaks people - trust me he doesn't have a permanent toilet ring on his bum...). He has the easy part of potty training down - he could pee all day long in the potty, but toward the afternoon, when the food waste is building up, he becomes more and more resistant to sitting on that seat.

Now you need to know a bit of background on this kid's bodily functions - this kid poops after almost every meal. He could have up to 3 or 4 dirty diapers a day some days (not everyday, but some). So when it gets to be day 2 and 3 of no action I begin to worry.

So I am really ready for advice here. If you have a child like my Avery, please reassure me that 1.) these type of kids do eventually want to get out of diapers... and/or 2.) he's not going to blow something inside if I go head to head with his day upon day of withholding.

I gave in this morning after over 48 hours of no poo. I just didn't have the mental fortitude to deal with it anymore. Where's that potty school??

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Michelle said...

good luck!

I have a friend whose son didn't want to poop in the potty at all. He was just like that - would just NOT go and hold it in. He would ASK for a diaper on just for the reason to go poop. She didn't fight him too much on it cause she didn't want it to become this bug control issue; she let him work it out and eventually he came to realize there was nothing wrong/scary (or whatever the problem was) of going on the potty LOL SO there is hope!