Monday, June 21, 2010

Gearing Up For An Awesome Week

All the factors are in play...

1. We just got back from a weekend trip to Iowa. Steven's cousin was getting married in Ames. It was a beautiful wedding, nice to see family, we had an awesome hotel room (a suite with 2 rooms and a kitchenette - which for a family of our size, really helps the stay be a more pleasant one...), and we all survived the trip there and back (I'm not gonna lie, there were some ugly moments, but the key word is survived). A trip like that always primes the kids to be ready to just be home. Plus our house is clean, because we cleaned it for my parents (our chicken watchers) before we left - and two grown adults don't trash a house in a few hours like a brood of small children. So #1: My house is clean and the kids are mildly content.

2. Fun new things. We have one baby chick. Right before we left for the weekend one of our 8 chicken eggs hatched out. Yeah, the other 7 failed to launch - not sure the reason, the factors are so fragile - but we are pleased we got to witness the process with one. Here are some pics...

A picture of the original 8

Here is the lone chick freshly hatched

And here it is just a few hours later looking much cuter

Plus, we brought home two Betta fish from the wedding reception. They were the center pieces and needed homes... so of course we couldn't pass them up. So #2: We have new critters to occupy us.

3. It's officially summer. Which yeah, we've had the weather for it up til now, but this week is predicted to be clear and hot, and that is perfect pool weather. We have a membership to a pool club for the first time and boy are we going to use it. Today we are picking up a little friend and heading to lounge by the pool for the afternoon... (well until Sonic happy hour anyway :) Plus summer movies start at the theater. We have Toy Story 3 as a viewing option as well as $1 movies for the kids in the morning. Most of them are not appropriate for my little ones, but there are some bright spots in the summer schedule. Plus I'm thinking of taking the kids on a little field trip to a local hatchery so that we can get a few buddies for our lone chick and also see the process at a larger scale... we'll see if that works out but, #3: We have entertainment possibilities.

4. I have girl date nights scheduled this week! Phew, not a moment too soon. I still keep up with some friends from high school and we usually head out for dinner every 6-8 weeks and catch up with each other. This week is the next scheduled event and is at one of my favorite restaurants no less. Plus a friend that has been too super busy for me for several months now is on the schedule as well... and I'm really hoping she won't have to cancel at the last minute... cuz I MISS HER!!! So the possibility of 2 nights out before me after a long desert season of none makes me very happy. #4: Mommy break time.

5. The church construction process is in the home stretch. By Sunday I should have all of my new classrooms constructed, painted, and furnished as well as my own office painted and graced with brand new flooring. So the season of throwing classrooms and supplies together from week to week is coming to a close. #5: My work-life might become sane again.

*Sigh* I'm gonna love this week.

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