Tuesday, June 8, 2010

When It Rains, It Pours...

which is quite an appropriate title since it is pouring outside today.

This money stuff just grows on trees anyway, right? No need to hold onto it too tightly? Good, cuz we can't right now.

1. Car - Steven bought the car a little over a year ago now. Got it pretty cheap - this last month we sunk more into repairing it than we did to purchase it - it's still a good car and will hopefully now serve Steven well for a good amount of time without having to think about repairs.

2. Van - Yes, we have a swagger wagon, but our swagger is now close to 11 years old and is limping a bit. Struts, a/c, slow oil leak, and a sliding door that is being difficult (handle broke off even!) all added up to a huge repair bill as well. Right after paying for the car repairs. Nice. We didn't fix everything and are hopeful that a mechanic friend of ours can help us with the remainder.

3. Air Conditioning - is it really necessary to have this in order to live comfortably during the summers in MO? We will soon find out, cuz we can't afford to fix ours at this time. We try to wait until the last possible moment to switch it on as the season begins, and Friday was my breaking point, namely because we were having guests over and I wanted them to be comfortable. Switched it on. Blowing hot air only. The repairman came today to tell us the coil is shot. $1500 to replace the coil on a really old machine... but the better alternative (to him) would be to replace the system... and yeah, that's more than $1500. Ugh.

4. Lots of little things - seems like every time I turn around there is something else... and these kids eat constantly too - what's up with that? ;) Anyway, we'll be alright. Steven is good with the money. I just hate to see so many large bills hit at one time. That's usually the way it goes though... and it's a great way to see how God provides the small stuff as well as the big. He's a great umbrella.

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RK said...

Oh how true... Our "million dollar volvo" as we're now calling it has cost way more in repairs than what we paid for it only a month ago today. Many lessons learned there.

And yes, A/C is necessary. But sometimes necessary has prioritizing needed as well. Sorry for the hits. They are hard to swallow. (I know a family in C-town who probably would let you use their basement a little if you need a cool place to escape to on very hot nights. :o) Oh wait, you might already know them... tee hee.)