Thursday, June 3, 2010

Recapturing the Moment

Have you ever had some sort of event happen in your life or in the lives of your children for which you were unprepared... and before I go any further, I want you to know that I'm not talking a huge life altering event... more like an "oh my goodness I wish I had a camera to take a picture of that!" type of thing.

Several weeks ago at church on a Sunday morning I experienced one of these minor and humorous events for which I was unprepared. I head into town pretty early on Sunday mornings to get classrooms and supplies ready for the kids' classes at church. I hardly ever take Lillie with me. She's just too little to be of any help and she pretty much just slows me down cuz I feel like I take off in 5 different directions trying to get things into place. Before I leave home, I usually lay out clothes for Lillie to wear to church. Steven's there with her, he is a grown adult and he is a smart man. He's capable of dressing his daughter, but our ideas of *cute* and/or even *appropriate* are two totally different things most of the time. On this particular Sunday I didn't bother to lay anything out, cuz really I thought that might be a bit patronizing to my husband to not think him capable of dressing our 2 year old.

There are many times on Sunday mornings that I don't see my kids until I go to check on their classroom, and this particular Sunday was one of those crazy mornings. I walked into the 2 year old class and I hear my little girl's excited cry of, "Mommy!" as she comes running across the classroom to see me for the first time that morning and instead of paying attention to giving my girl some lovin's, I am totally distracted and struck by the outfit that my husband has chosen for her. My mouth drops open, I immediately start laughing (and start wishing that I had a back-up outfit available for her in my office...) but I had no camera to document it. That was almost more disappointing than the fact that my daughter was at church dressed like a street person.

So without further delay here is the outfit recreated for your viewing pleasure, and for my remembrance... (and yes the shirt was as wrinkly then as it is now)

Isn't it just a sight to behold? Notice the white summer sandals with the off-white fall/winterish colored tights? Priceless.

And here's the view from the back... her little hiney exposed for all to see. As I'm taking these pictures Huston says, "that outfit is a little strange..."

I didn't really say anything to Steven about it, I mean really what would it change? The guy saw that she was covered and in his defense girl clothes confuse him - which way is the front?, is this a shirt or a dress?, how do these buttons go? all of these issues have cropped up in past dressing experiences. The ruffle at the bottom of this little shirt does give it a dress like appearance... but the length? and the tights? with the sandals? yeah, I can't explain those things.

Anyway, luckily Isaiah and Huston noticed that the outfit seemed a bit odd... but Avery? Well, Avery was very helpful and took it upon himself to dress his sister just the other day....

Yeah, we may have an inherent fashion disaster gene among us.


RK said...

I am sitting here just giggling. Braska thinks I'm silly..."Ha ha Funny!"

THIS is why all our things are hung up in sets in the closet. Maybe it is patronizing, but it works for us. M is totally afraid of getting the girls ready for anywhere. I've tried to relinquish a little, but I've not done all that much work at it, quite honestly.

I may just have to link you today. This is priceless, especially to moms of girls with men in the house. :o)

(Oh, and you should have seen what he came up with just for sleeping the other night. Fair enough--it was just onesies on a hot night, but the fit. Too funny. You'd think the snaps hanging down by KiKi's knees and her "flashdance" off the shoulder style would have clued him in. ha!)

Carolyn said...

Avery had to just be showing his love for her by "allowing" her to wear his Spiderman outfit. :)

Rod said...

Put me in that category with Steve. Good thing the youngest of our four daughters is 14 and requires only Mom's "consultation" rather than Dad's "participation." And put RK, RL, JC, and JR in funny lookin' outfits YEARS AGO!!!

The Schuler Family said...

I showed my husband this while I was dying laughing, and he said 'what's the problem?' Oh...guys, gotta love em.