Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rough and Tumble Gals...

I would propose that this family has a couple of ladies that could fit into that category. Now I'm not saying that Lillie and I are the toughest of the tough, but we don't sway from challenges to easily most times.

We have a portion of our yard that we let grow out to seed - so yeah, it currently looks like it could be baled. We have cut a path into the grass so that the kids can have a prairie trail and run to their hearts content. Yesterday they decided to try a new game - hide and seek in the grass. It made me itchy just looking at them. And guess who was altogether willing to join in the game with those big brothers? Yep.

Here she is after the game was finished and a bath was given. She didn't complain once, had a blast the whole time and will probably again plunge into that field of grass that's taller than her in a heartbeat.

As for me? Well, remember that list? I've added to it. I've killed some mice (didn't enjoy it, but had to do it.) I've cleaned up after chickens and I've pet salamanders. Yep, I should be feared. Oh ok, I'm not that tough.

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RK said...

GO LILLIE! You're my hero (along with your mom and grandma, of course!)

As for tough...Oh my gracious! Ouch! My girls are afraid of grass, will shake violently with fear at the sight of a live animal--horse, cow, monkey, etc, and heaven forbid they get dirt on their shoes. I've created two prissy monsterettes. And I'm not much better. God knew I'd never last with boys. :o)