Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yeah, I've Been Playin'

Everyone else was doing it. Lots of blogs I follow have changed their backgrounds recently, so of course I was bored enough to piddle around for about 5 minutes and find something else I like.

Bored. That's the word of the moment. I'm not sure why I'm so bored, but I am. I guess, that may not be the word I'm quite looking for... I have enough to do. I stay busy, but it's pretty much the same ol' stuff. I need excitement I suppose... but not too exciting. I have a feeling that my writing right now is totally reflecting my mood. Just going around in circles without anything spectacular.

Guess we're heading into the lazy days of summer.

Let's see, what's been going on...

Our chicken eggs are beginning to hatch. I suppose that's kinda exciting... but they are being pretty slow about it - which makes a person a bit anxious. 2 of the 8 have pipped their shell... but nothing more. Today is day 21, the final day of the process, so I'm hoping that they will get a little more active over the next 24 hours. I've already prepped the boys that not all the eggs will probably make it, but of course inside of me I've been hoping that this information is wrong and all 8 will hatch nice and healthy, cuz really who wants to tell a kid that the eggs they've been watching over for almost a month aren't gonna become chicks.

Lillie fell again and bonked the same eye that she blackened a month or so ago. I thought for sure we were in for another black eye, but it looks like we'll just have a bit of road rash. She always has to try to keep up with those boys. The other day I looked out the window to see the girl in her flouncy dress along with rubber work boots, a backpack and a gun. So of course I took a couple of pictures.

And here's a good close up of that eye... (and the dirty mouth from supper...)

I'm still without my regular break from the kids and it's wearing a bit. I love my kids, they're good kids but I kinda feel like they gang up on me. Ok, so maybe they aren't organized and vicious like that... but here are some examples of what I'm dealing with.

Lillie - constantly says my name... like a gazillion times a day. "Mommy, it lunch time, mommy?" is a classic example and it's not done in a strong big girl voice, it's the whiny helpless baby voice. Ugh.

Avery - doesn't appear to comprehend a word I say. Example: today I told him to get a cup out of the dishwasher and he goes over to the appliance and says, "This dishwasher?" Ummm, yeah. It's the only one we've got.

Huston - is getting kinda bully-ish with his younger siblings and is pretty much an annoyance at times with his constant noises and attempts at being funny. It grates.

Isaiah - well he's pretty much hosed, cuz anything he does combined with the previous three sends mommy over the edge - poor kid.

Luckily the pool is helpful and we've finally been able to take advantage of it. We spent right at 2 hours there yesterday and everyone came home exhausted - unfortunately only one of them slept and the other 3 just were a bit grumpy (ok, 4 cuz I fit into that category as well...) but at least everyone was a bit less energetic with their grumpiness.

That's all I can think of regarding our happenings. Riveting, I know. I promise the next post will be more uplifting. I'll find that boost of excitement somewhere!


RK said...

I am cracking up at that outfit! But oh my, the eye looks very painful.

Rod said...

Great pictures and funny prose! I should visit your blog more often. Hope you find some ideas of ways to add some variety to your daily experiences with the kids. You are doing a great job!