Thursday, June 24, 2010


be very, very quiet. My kids are still sleeping... well, everyone but Avery. They're right at 12 hours right now. I was out on one of my girl dates last night and when I came home Steven said that the kids could barely make it through supper they were so tired... 7:30 bedtimes across the board. Yay for swimming.

We invested in a pool membership for the first time and we really are enjoying it. It's nice to be able to pick up and go to a pool almost anytime you want to and know people there that your kids can play with. Everyone is getting so tan... except for me. I'm getting sunburned and rashy. (really, I do wear sunscreen, but forgot to screen my legs one day and then was able to take some rare moments to sit on a pool chair, instead of stay in the water to watch over Lillie... not a good combination - even if it was just for a few minutes.) And then the rash is just on my arm, and I don't know if it's pool related or not, but I'll blame it anyway.

But we are having lots of fun.

I packed away a bunch of the older boys' toys this week. I was tired of them. Tired of all the stinkin' little pieces of lego and play mobile and every other tiny little piece of whatever stuffed under the bed and bookshelf and all over their floor. So I packed them up and put them in the attic. Yes there were a few tears, but they also realized that when mom had asked for the 50th time to clean up that making a big pile and stuffing small pieces under furniture isn't what she has in mind.

We will live, and be better for it. I'll keep ya updated on that little saga. At this point, my crew has opened their sleepy eyes... I knew I would jinx it. Off to go swimming!

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