Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day Two...

Well, overall yesterday was successful in some ways - Avery stayed dry without any accidents until Daddy came home...then there were 2. The ultimate frustrating part is that he is refusing to poo. So we will be tackling that today. I put him in a diaper for bed so I won't be shocked if he has dirtied it before he comes out of his room in the morning. This is a kid that has always pooed multiple times a day - so to go a whole day without *going* - I am sure has made his tummy upset. He had gotten increasingly grumpy as the day went on yesterday.

Huston, the kind, quiet one of yesterday, now has a fever and cough like Avery had last week. So I hope he decides to rest a lot today.

I'm praying for an *easy* day - a resting sick guy, and schooling big guy (hopefully with no 'tude), and another concentrated day of potty training....maybe a trip to Sonic for a soda too? Oh yeah, and there is still a baby girl in the mix :0)

UPDATE: We started the day at 5:30 this morning. Avery was crying in his sleep again. I knew it was because of his choice to hold and so I got him up and put him on the potty - nothing. So after a breakfast of mineral oil and raisin bran (breakfast of champions, I know!) we have had success. Now to keep things going and moving in the right direction! Phew.

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