Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm Fighting It

Ugh, it's 6:30am - I've been up for at least half and hour already. Which for some of you, you're thinking...ummm...yeah, so have I. But believe me, for this kid, that is way too early to have to start the day.

Avery and Lillie are trying very, very hard to make me into a morning person. Isaiah had been an early riser, but nothing compared to these two little ones. I think they plot together before we put them to bed in the evening...ok, you get up at 5:45 and as she is putting you back to bed, I'll get up and then we can just trade off until she gives in, ok? hee, hee, hee...I am confident that is what they are saying. Ungrateful children.

Avery was the first to get up. And I put Avery back to bed. He was screaming and crying because he didn't want to go. He shares a room with his older brother, I hesitated for a split second because I didn't want Avery to wake the whole house, but then I followed through and put him to bed crying. Just because I need the alone time (notice I didn't say quiet time). I cannot start the morning running.

Lillie is in her crib talking. Her talking is turning a little distressed and soon will be complaining and then crying. I guess I will have to get her soon. This is just nuts. Oh that they all slept like Huston....Huston is a late sleeper and Huston is a slow mover once he is awake. A man after my own heart.

On cue, I hear Avery trying again to start the day. I guess I might let him this time. But I'm not talking to him.

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Mommy to those Special Ks said...

LOL I am the same way! I HATE mornings! Kameron is, and always has been, my early riser. Until 2 days ago he was sharing a room with the girls and all 3 would be up bright and early. Now he's sharing a room with Keeghan and the girls are sleeping IN! WOOOHOOO. However, Keeghan was up before 7 this morning. GRRRR LOL