Thursday, February 19, 2009

Waving the White Flag

I give in, I don't think Avery is ready....and even if he is, this mom is not ready to put in the work involved in getting him trained. Here is a snap shot of my morning.

I ask Avery if he needs to potty - he says no

5 minutes later Avery makes a mess in the floor

I yell for Isaiah to keep an eye on Lillie

I rush Avery to the bathroom where he finishes the job in the potty

I rush downstairs to clean up the mess

I go back upstairs to praise Avery and offer him a small treat

Repeat process SEVERAL times (and I mean, I've lost count, and we've been at this since 5:30am...)

I don't mind this process too much - and I know that in time he would come to figure it out. The huge puzzle piece that is missing in my book is the fact that Avery seems to have no ability to predict when he needs to go at this time or at least no desire to do it. I am confident that he will have that figured out in another month or two. He's close but oh so stubborn....the whole experience today has just been a power struggle. Yesterday was 10 times better (and more successful!) because it was fun to him, now it's becoming a job and he refuses to participate.

Yesterday when I would ask Avery if he needed to potty he would say yes and run to the bathroom. Today he is back to holding the poo and telling me no just because he wants the power of making the decision. I'm not choosing that battle right now.

Someone should just totally create a school for potty training. I would find a way to pay the tuition no matter how high for this go around!


Michelle said...

You're right -that does sound like a power struggle! and I too would agree with you in not going that route. Good luck in a couple of months! Potty training can be so frustrating!

Renee said...

I saw your name on LPM's blogsite. I am a homeschooling Mom in NC. I remember the potty training stage with all four of my children. I remember trying everything with all four of mine. New "pretty" panties, our "special" panties of their favorite cartoon character, sometimes it worked other times..not so much. I would read to them on the potty, sing to them on the potty you name it.

Oh then the days when I would ask, "do you need to go poopie on the potty?" No, Mommy, then I would find them hiding behind the couch pooping in their pretty undies!! This too will pass.

All four of my children were 3 by the time they were completely potty trained, not to say they didn't have accidents, plenty of those.

You'll laugh about these times a few years from now, I promise.

I enjoyed reading your blog. Come visit mine sometimes.

Renee in NC