Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Chicken With Her Head Cut-Off

Nice visual image there, eh? I am really not sure what that looks like since the majority of chicken I come in contact with are wrapped in cellophane and waiting nicely for me in a supermarket cooler. But I have always heard that phrase used to describe a person that flits aimlessly from one thing to another....and that pretty much describes me these days.

I have a 3 year old to potty train, a soon to be 11 month old to keep out of trouble (mainly trash cans and putting unidentified objects into her mouth), a 4 year old to break of whining and overall poutiness, and a 7 year old to teach a thing or two (as in academics).

I have a "part-time" job that involves preparing for and implementing Sunday school classes for soon-to-be two campuses. We are five weeks away from launching a second church site on the other side of town....which means lots and lots of scheduling and recruiting....on top of preparing lessons, gathering supplies, planning the future events and all that comes with these activities.

Lillie's first birthday is coming up in no time flat - a party must be planned - which of course I want to do because I'm the mom and my baby girl is going to be one!!! And the weekend we've slated for the party is also the weekend of my brother-in-law's first wedding anniversary as well as his wife's birthday so since we are going to be asking family to come into town anyway, we might as well make it a huge party with lots of yummy goodies to eat.....

And then there is something else looming over me that I will tell you about later - because I have been sworn to secrecy - and no I'm not pregnant....and no one should ask me about it until I can tell you, because I can't tell you until I can tell you, ok? I know it's mean but that's life....and trust me it also involves some thought (and a bit of stress) as well.

So all of that is why I am up at 4:30 in the morning unable to sleep - because my mind keeps thinking. I totally just need a power down switch for my head because here I am not sleeping before a rare day that my husband needs a vehicle and will take our van leaving me stranded at home with the trips just to get out of the house. I better go to bed.

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RK said...

Come on, tell! Please tell! You know you want to!!

I'm just kidding...really, I am... had to do it since you told me not to. I'm really bad that way!

No Sonic run today... that's sad. If I weren't confined to this county right now, I'd come bring the party to you. :o)