Saturday, February 21, 2009

Moving On

Well, if you need updated on Avery's potty training saga, click here, then here, then here...or just scroll down a bit. The latest and not-so-greatest is that Avery is now pooing quite a bit (in his diaper, thankfully) because he has managed to catch some sort of stomach bug. So now I am not only cleaning up potty mishaps off the get the idea.

Huston is also sick - he has congestion, a cough and a high fever. Lillie has started in on the congestion and cough and she went to spend the night with her Gran because I really don't want her around all of the other action going on around here. I am afraid her time might be coming though. I just realized that I forgot to go to her follow-up flu shot appointment - so looks like she might be having to build up those anti-bodies the hard way, which is fine with me. I should probably refuse the flu shot for my kids anyway. My thoughts are conflicted on that subject.

What about Isaiah? Oh he's fine, he's hiding from everyone in his room! ha! He too will join the healthy party at Gran's house tonight (as healthy as you can get with a croupy baby anyway I guess).

So I will be checking in often, but may not have time to post. We'll see what this week holds. I'm ready for spring, how about you?

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