Monday, April 28, 2008

Cousins Lunch

Today was the forth Monday of the month and that means its Cousins Lunch day in Troy - the scheduled meeting for all of the remaining "cousins" of my grandma. Since Grandma now lives with my folks here in town, it is hard for her to make it to the luncheons because she isn't comfortable driving herself anymore. So Isaiah, Lillie, and I piled into the van and drove GG (short for Great-Grandma) to see her cousins. I secured a sitter for the middle two - I'm not that crazy.

Here's the gang - from left to right are Isaiah and Lillie's great-grandma, great-great-great Aunt Ruth, great-great Aunt Joyce, cousin Ruthann (Ruth's daughter), great-great Uncle Jim (GG's brother, husband to Joyce), cousin Larry (he has the most pretty hair - I don't know if you should call a man's hair pretty - but his is sooo white and its got this curly wave to it...the picture doesn't do it justice!) and his wife Louise. Then you will see Isaiah and Lillie posing with the group to prove they were there :-)

It was a nice visit - a long drive for a lunch I must admit, I'm a little tired, but we were glad that GG could go visit her family (I know they are ours too). Truthfully I don't know these folks very well. So it is a great opportunity to go and get to know them a bit better. The kids did really well, the traveling went smoothly, the food was good and all the cousins were in good health. It was fun to watch them visit and catch up - it was especially fun to watch them try to talk in a low voice about a gal that had just left the restaurant - they had to repeat themselves several times because their low voices were too low for each other to hear! I know, I know, I will be there at some point myself.

We will be trying to make it next month too so that we can also take GG to decorate the family graves in the cemeteries along the way. I think I will probably stick to only taking two children once again, we'll see how brave I become in a month!

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