Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We Survived

This has been one of the crazier weekends of recent memory. Lots of family, lots of hurry up and wait, lots of go here then go there type stuff. Lillie fussed the whole weekend - couldn't really figure out what the problem was - probably a combination of too many people, too much traveling, and too many meals on the go and not enough down time at home. Here are some pictures - I will have to find some time to post about some other things later - I feel a little swamped in house work, family work and work work.

Here are the most super delicious cakes in all of the bakery world...thanks to a friend of a friend (RK!) Julie made the most yummy things of the weekend festivities. They were for my brother-in-laws wedding reception. I got a picture of the cakes as you see below - but those are all the pictures I took! No bride and groom at the reception pictures! I was visiting, getting stuff together, parenting, or working in my office at the church so Lillie could get some quiet sleep in the "office bed." Don't worry there were plenty of family photographers gathered around them.

My husband - who is not a sweets eater and is never really tempted by them - said that her pecan cake was the best cake he had ever tasted. That is some high praise indeed.

Then we went to Steven's folks house where the whole family gathered...

We had Steven's Grandpa, Uncle Doug and Aunt Vicki, Uncle Jerry and Aunt Mary, cousin Melissa, and Uncle Jay and Aunt Connie with us - then there was his mom and dad, and brother Daniel with new wife Carol...quite a group.

Then the next day we went to church - my first working Sunday since Lillie joined us - then home where the Iowa family dropped by to say good-bye, then naps for some and back to the in-laws to say good-bye to the Nebraska relatives.

Avery did get some outside time in on Sunday while Huston and Lillie napped - he refused his nap...a decision that would catch up with him (and us) later...

He didn't like daddy's idea of tree climbing too much...spring has finally sprung around here - we have yet another bird that has decided to use our abandoned outside candle holder as a nest - its neat because it is right outside the front window so we can watch them really closely and easily - but its not so "neat" because birds make a pretty nasty mess...as you can see on our now ruined candle holder. This bird just finished feathering the nest a couple of days ago...and the other picture is of our vinca that has bloomed.

It all caught up with Lillie yesterday - she slept most of the day (and slept just fine that night too)...

So there is a condensed version of our big weekend - I could write way too much information - I will spare you the details and just end with saying that we are glad these kind of weekends only come once in a great while. Gotta go - was planning to post this last night, but husband got to the pc first - so I've neglected my kids long enough - hard telling what they're getting into :-)


RK said...

Glad you made it through and enjoyed it some along the way. And the cakes look great! I'm glad it worked out so well. I'm so jealous!

Jessie said...

I wish I could mail you a slice RK - the next time you come to town for a visit we'll have to plan a meal of cake :-)