Monday, April 28, 2008

That's Avery...

Avery is by far our goofiest kid. Even at the age of 2 1/2 he keeps us laughing with his expressions and even by what he in point:

Steven's dad gives us his copy of the Missouri Conservationist when he is finished with it...we look through it, mostly glancing at the headlines and looking at the pictures - we really aren't avid "outdoorsmen" type people...but anyway the latest copy happened to be sitting on our kitchen table tonight. While Avery was waiting for his dinner to be presented before him he started flipping through the pages of the magazine. All of a sudden he stopped and began to say, "Whoa, whoa..." like something he saw was just astonishing. I walked over to see what brought on such a reaction and got there in time to see Avery point at a picture in the magazine and say, "Whoa, BIG Grandad" in his most deep and fearsome voice. So here is the picture he was looking at and here is a picture of my dad, you make the call. We thought it was kind of funny. (By the way, I took dad's picture just tonight - its not the best picture of him, but he was dressed kind of similar to the "big grandad" don't you think)

"Big Grandad"

Real Grandad

If you kind of tilt your head to the right, squint your eyes and nod all at the same time you might see the resemblance. :-)

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RK said...

I see it. I'm with Avery...good eye, little guy!

Of course Grandad is more handsome. :o)