Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Foster Care Awareness Month

My brother and sister-in-law informed me that the month of May is Foster Care Awareness month. They are currently fostering 4 little boys with the hope of eventually adopting them. It has been quite a ride for them over the past year and a half when they began this journey. I read about a month or so ago in the paper that the state of Missouri is ranked second to last among the states in the amount of financial support they offer to the foster family. The system is messed up - most people who have never even had first hand experience with foster care sense that is the case, and those that have had experience with the system know that truth even more. Keep all those kids and the families in your prayers - its sad to see so many kids in the world that are neglected and not cherished as they should be, and even more sad when you see the large number of families that wait months and even years to be able to adopt said children.

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