Friday, April 11, 2008

A Little Bit of Everything

That's what this past week seemed to hold for us. Started off with a few of us a bit under the weather and ended with a different few of us under the weather. Yesterday was a series of mishaps - nothing seemed to go the way it was planned, but everyone survived. Today Steven stayed home - a little stomach bug had bit him. I went to work with Lillie and got quite a bit done. I came home late afternoon to learn that Avery was coughing more and not feeling good.

Wednesday night Avery got something in his eye - what it was, we didn't know because the booger wouldn't let us look at it. He calmed down though so we thought it must have worked itself out. Well Thursday he was sitting next to me and I noticed that there was something stuck in the corner of his eye and it was irritating it to the point that his eye was getting red. I called dad - that's who we call around here when anything medical arises. Dad came to try to take a look at it and Avery fought him off too. Dad mentioned to just keep an eye on it (funny aye) and if he's not complaining about it it will probably work itself out.

Well when I came home from work, Avery was napping. When he woke up he came over to see me and I noticed that now he had a slightly goopy eye, the red irritated look was increasing, and his eye was watering. Called his dr at 4:30pm and they suggested to take him to the ER. Well, we took him to the "urgent care" which is a step down from ER in the realm of emergencies. Amazingly the line was very short and we were seen very quickly. The nurse took us back and Avery pitched such a fit at simply getting his temperature taken that his tears finally worked the "object" out right there in the drs office. A couple of his upper eyelashes had been tucked under his lower lid right in the corner of his eye - how in the world does that happen, I don't know, but at least we didn't have to go through the experience of holding the child down to remove something from his eye which is what I feared was going to happen. Avery has become very anti-medical personnel ever since his yucky sick stuff that hit him this winter. Doesn't want his ears touched or really much of anything else. I am just hoping he stays healthy for quite a long time - enough time to forget about past experiences before new situations arise.

So the tally for this week went like this: 3 kids sick at various times with various things, a head cold that tried to come but was nipped in the bud, Isaiah keeps coming up with mystery bug bites the last couple of days after playing outside - his brothers are not getting them, Steven with the stomach stuff, Avery injuring his eye with his own eyelashes, lots of getting up at night with both Lillie and Avery, Huston had a birthday, made treats for his preschool class on Wed, planning his birthday party for tomorrow (for which we will have poopy winter-like weather), helping to plan brother and sister-in-laws wedding reception for next weekend and getting things together for church on Sunday. That's been enough for my plate thank you. I feel like I could go crawl in a hole and sleep for a week solid - but I won't dwell on that, just gotta keep moving instead - otherwise things might just all fall apart completely! :-) So if this whole long post doesn't read very smoothly and makes no sense at all, you will understand now won't you.


Anonymous said...

Your post made perfect sense even if your life is in chaos. We'll help you add to the adventure tomorrow. :)

RK said...

Here's to good sleep when you can get it!