Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Catch Up Day

About every 4-6 weeks I have a day that I am too exhausted to do anything of any significance. I call it my catch-up day because I think its just all the running and all the stress of life catching up to me. Today has been one of those days - the morning came too quickly, too many children were up in the night, I have too much stuff on my agenda and not enough time to do it - and anytime I have that scenario - I was even this way all through college - the more that the stuff piles on my to-do list, that list doesn't make me motivated to get up and get working, it just makes me want to sleep. So I go to bed and take a nap and then I usually snap out if it all just in the nick of time to get motivated by the stresses of the deadlines and punch everything out in no time flat.

So that has been today. I am so sleepy. My body is screaming to just lay down and when I get up to do something I wander around with no purpose and can't think straight enough to accomplish anything at all (except making more messes).

Huston had that kind of day today too I guess. He was scheduled to go to his morning of preschool this morning - it starts at 9:00. He woke up at 8:30 grumpier than a bear and argued with me about what he was going to wear. I told him to go back to bed....then I made him get up so that we could take Avery to go spend the morning with G.G. (that plan had already been made - you see my intentions were to get lots of stuff done this morning, just Isaiah and Lillie and me, but nope - didn't work out that way at all). So after we dropped Avery off for the morning I brought everyone back home and sent Huston back to bed - he went without argument and what's more he even fell asleep and slept for almost 3 hours! Lillie went to bed too because she refused to nap yesterday and so she slept this morning too for almost 2 hours.

I smiled at my opportunity and I gave Isaiah some independent school work and also the permission to watch some Andy Griffith and I laid down on the couch and slept - which is what I wanted to do today anyway.

So right now, Avery is home from G.G.'s house and its his nap time....Lillie is ready for nap number 2 and the two older boys headed out into the fenced backyard to enjoy this warmer weather and try out Isaiah new rubber work boots....hmmm...that couch sure looks lonely. I don't think the reality of the stresses of those deadlines have quite penetrated my exhaustion...I might just have to take a second nap!


RK said...

I can't manage a nap often enough with one....I don't know how you do it.

Our Four Sons said...

Our boys have always slept through the night except for rare occasions, so I can't imagine how tired Jessie must get.

Two of my aunts had five or six kids right after another, but of course in those days they stayed home and didn't have all the expectations we have today. Another aunt had three in two years since the younger ones were twins, then her husband left them and she had to go to work full-time.

The sacrifices moms make for their children! I am surprised that more mothers aren't diagnosed with exhaustion!

Our Four Sons said...

Maybe this will help...I have been meaning to suggest this and haven't gotten to it yet. Can Jason and I take Avery and do something special with him late on Saturday morning, then take Isaiah in the early afternoon before the party if its at 4:00? Let me know!