Wednesday, October 29, 2008

She Did It!!!!

Watch out big brothers - look who finally took her first crawling steps. She's been attempting for almost a month - the rocking, the scooting backwards, etc. Lately she would get on all fours be really steady - thinking about how to move forward, then just give up and sit herself up....but today after I changed her diaper this afternoon I put Lillie down on the floor while I went to get her sleeper. She found some baby powder that had spilled and that white powdery mess kept her interest long enough for her to move those hands forward and push with those knees and she took her first "steps" without even realizing what she was doing - so I moved her downstairs and grabbed some things to tempt her to move a toy, cherrios and a notebook (she loves paper - she's already eaten one of Isaiah's pages of homework!) and here is the won't be long before she's too quick to catch.


RK said...

That is very impressive! Yay for Lillie!

Mom H said...

Way to go Lillie! Now those brothers don't have a chance. :)

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

Woo hoo!!!