Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fall '08 Round 3

Blogging is the ironic topic of the day....blogging about blogging - here we go.

1. Why did you start to blog (either your own or reading mine!)?

I started to blog in a way because of RK! We were keeping up with her little one Braska through Braska's blog. Nebraska had a major heart surgery at a very young we (my family) would check in to see how that little fighter was progressing. As she grew and strengthened and developed, it was fun to watch her grow up in front of our eyes. I thought what a neat way to keep long-distance friends and family informed and also what a great way to keep track of all the milestones kiddos accomplish. So that's why I started this blog - to document our family adventures.

2. How many hits do you get in a day, if you have a blog and a SiteMeter or something like that?

I really don't keep track - I used to, and at that time it was around 20 per day - I was kind of getting too wrapped up in it though and it was taking away from the purpose of my blog....which is to simply document what my kids and the family is I took down the site meter and now I just have a counter and I don't pay attention to the number consistently enough to keep track of how many visitors I get in a day.

3. If you lost your ability to read blogs or post on you blog today, what would you miss most?

I would miss gaining perspective. I at times will think I am the only one experiencing something, then I will hop on another blog and read about their struggles with the same thing and it helps me to realize my kids and my family are normal! It also helps in an opposite manner....I can be having a pity party about some insignificant thing and then see what other people are struggling with and that will snap me back to reality pretty quickly! I would also miss keeping up with the families I have connected with.

4. What is something you've learned from another blog that you'll always remember?

I think the major lesson I have learned from following blogs is that really it's a terrible thing to judge and misunderstand other people. I can go into a blog and try to pigeon-hole them by what I read in their profile or what a the first few posts say, but I find that if I keep returning and reading and getting to know them and a bit of their background I can really start to see where their perspective is coming from - it doesn't mean that I totally abandon my convictions and agree with whatever ideology they align themselves with; it has just has allowed me to figure out that their is a story behind every path. And in following their path, it in some way strengthens my own.

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RK said...

Great post... and I'm glad we were in any way helpful in your getting in to the blog world. :o)

Judgement and assumptions about other bloggers...that's a fault of mine. I try hard, but it's in my nature (or nurture) somehow. Gotta keep working on it!