Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's the Great Pumpkin....Patch

Yesterday was a very busy day. Wednesday morning is Huston's preschool day and yesterday's morning of school was a field trip to the pumpkin patch outside of town. Since his "school" is a mom's morning out program at a local church they don't have a van or a bus to take the class themselves so they needed the moms to help transport the children. I don't have any of my other kiddos in the program, so everyone in our family went along for the ride and adventure - except for dad (had to work) so I took them all by myself.

So after being stared at for quite a long time by everyone else because I was the only mom with so many kids in tow we slowly all started to feel a bit more comfortable in our surroundings and enjoy the morning. First up was the hay ride. This was while we were still a side show and so we had the back portion of the wagon pretty much to ourselves. Here are the kids waiting for the tractor to take off - Lillie is actually looking forward in this picture - she was constantly putting her head down to explore the hay, grass, dirt, leaves, pumpkins and whatever else was around her.

Avery giving me a "cheese"

Here is the rest of the class with their moms, dads, grandparents, etc.

The hay ride took us around their property and showed us all that was in store for the morning. Animals, pumpkin patches, photo opportunities, and a hay bale maze were a few of the many things that could be enjoyed. When the tour was over the driver dropped us off at the pumpkin patch...

They each got to pick a small pumpkin and then we fed animals. I tried desperately to get a group shot of the kids smiling and looking at the camera - too much to ask I guess, I just plain gave up. Later, after our novelty had warn off, one of the moms really was a great help to us and volunteered to take a shot with me in the picture. She also helped me with Lillie quite a bit - so very nice to have the extra pair of hands at times.

I didn't get any pictures of the animals or the hay bale maze because I just didn't have time to get out the camera - children running everywhere - in a good way though. Here are a few other shots of the morning.

Hello.....Lillie....please look at the camera, just once....please....

Thank you...close enough, I'll take it.

So after that was done we stopped over for Ms. Phyl's 102nd birthday party reception. She looked so pretty and it was nice to share this event with her. Here is my grandma talking to Ms. Phyl while she held Lillie - Ms. Phyl is old enough to be my grandma's mother - in fact if my great-grandma was still alive today she would be a smidgen younger than Ms. Phyl....

Here is Ms. Phyl with Lillie - the boys wouldn't pose - too much posing at the pumpkin patch I guess - I am amazed how long she can hold on to Lillie...she is so strong for 102! We love Ms. Phyl....she is such a neat lady and such a cute older lady at that.

There is more to show....but it will have to be for another post....I'm tired!


Our Four Sons said...

LOL...I had to laugh about you being the side show with four kids by yourself...I bet I can guess which one gave you a run for your money :) I love it when people say, "you really have your hands full"...I learned to say, "but my heart overflows" :)

Great pictures!!! Give the kiddos hugs and kisses from Auntie B please.

RK said...

Those are some pretty mischievous looking sunflowers! :o)

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

Looks like a great time! We are headed there today :)

Christina said...

Man. I wish we had things like that here..The closest we get is little patches on the sides of the road, nothing amazing like this! Great pictures. Your kids are just too adorable!