Saturday, October 11, 2008

Last Week

We said Adiós to Steven's brother and his wife - Daniel and Carol - they are on their way back to Carol's home country of Honduras to live for at least the winter months - hard telling how long really. They have built a house down their on Carol's family property and Daniel is trying his hand at coffee and pepper farming, but it will take a few planting seasons for that to really start producing.

We met at Cracker Barrel, our family hang-out, for dinner on their last evening with us...

Lillie is getting so big - she now can sit in a high chair at the table and loves to eat table food. It can't be shoveled in fast enough for her most of the time....she fusses between each bite if it's too long in coming. At the restaurant she chowed down on pancake, mashed potatoes, green beans, applesauce and whatever else would come her way. I finally just had to remove her from the table cause there was no possible way her belly was big enough to contain all of the food she kept requesting.

The brothers are really so sweet with her. Isaiah now carries her around everywhere and they love to take her into their room (we'll see how long this lasts!). The other day they built a fort for her to sit in and she is usually very content to sit there and watch them play....and chew on a toy or two. Huston and Isaiah almost get to the point of arguing who is going to sit by her - well, ok, they do argue.

Isaiah also likes to share his snacks with her - he is always sure to break them into tiny pieces so she won't they are watching a movie and enjoying some dry cereal.

I think she expected this bite to go into her mouth, what do you think?

Don't worry Lillie, your turn will come soon...

Avery came down with a fever last night and terrible night terrors. Isaiah experiences these from time to time - but I don't think ever with the intensity Avery was having them last night. He was physically shaking he was so scared and a couple times there was absolutely nothing that I could do to snap him out of the looking awake but sound asleep trance. Yikes, those things creep me out. Finally at one point Isaiah came down to check on him he was yelling so loud...and once Avery saw him he calmed right down and woke up...just so strange. Part of the problem was probably the fever.

Steven has been away A LOT the last month it feels like - I just can't wait until we are back into some sort of normal routine again...I hate to say it, but as soon as we get into that routine the holidays will be here and it will fly right out the window again!

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