Saturday, October 18, 2008


It's just around the corner - our church usually does a fall festival type party on Halloween night and this year is no exception. As a part-time children's director I help plan the stuff and find wonderful volunteers to help man the stations, it's a bit stressful this year cause I totally put it off and it has sneaked up behind me terribly. We are going to attempt to do a lot of stuff outside for the party this year so we're praying for good weather!

I am not one to poo-poo Halloween, the history of it may be a bit sketchy, but we don't focus on the evil and we make it a fun time of dressing up and spending time at church. I figure that dressing up on Halloween doesn't point you toward following Satan anymore than going to church only on Easter/Christmas makes you a Christ-follower.

It is so fun to see the folks go all out on the costumes. I love the costumes, I love to see the kiddos dressed up, but I am so cheap - it pains me to shell out the cash it takes to have a really fun costume. I tried to hit some of the day after sale racks last year, but I kind of struck out with that - nothing cute in the sizes we would need.

I would love the kids to be coordinated, like a theme-type deal, and this year would really lend itself to doing that because none of the kids are totally determined to be something specific. Last year Isaiah had to be Darth Vader....but this year he really has no clue what he wants to be.

I thought about having them be the trick-or-treat gang from "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" but I would still have to buy the white sheets and then no one would recognize who they were supposed to be and I really doubt that the kids (Avery especially) would keep their sheet on.

So, I'm in a quandary. So in exchange for a few pictures of my cute kids (sorry, I know I'm biased) in past Halloween costumes you all can give me any suggestions as to what to do for this year - I am all ears!

(I wish I had a scanner - I would show you a very young Isaiah as Charlie Brown and Mr. Rogers - too cute)

This one is another one of my favorites - Huston as Underdog...

This is the gang last year - a farmer, a pirate and Darth Vader...grandma bought the Darth Vader wear and I found the Pirate costume on clearance at Cracker Barrel and couldn't resist.


Our Four Sons said...

You could definitely do the idea I wanted for our boys...The Wizard of Oz. I had even found a homemade tin man costume online. Lillie would make a cute Dororthy or Toto. :)

Our Four Sons said...

Oh duh Brook...I think your parents are going to stop by on their way through town on Tuesday. I'll send our bag of costumes along...we have Clifford, a dalmation, Fozzie Bear, Winnie the Pooh and something that can be rigged up as a train conductor. I don't think you'd want the sailor suit. We also have a cowboy outfit in our dress up box if Huston or Avery are interested.

Jen said...

I made a cute construction worker costume for Eli last year...jeans, white t-shirt, flannel shirt with sleeves torn off, kids tool belt, work gloves and hard hat. Got it all dirtied up. Of course, he refused to wear it on Halloween, being two and difficult, but did spend the entire following January in the thing. This year...Peter Pan. I have yet to do anything about it though.

Pirate? Scarecrow? Gypsy?

Rod said...

Such cute young 'uns!

I also have enjoyed your "eclectic" music selections! Wow, Louie Armstrong to Mommas & Papas to Nat King Cole and Mel Torme to Switchfoot and Newsboys! I actually like them all, too!