Sunday, October 26, 2008

My New Best Friends

So this past week has been kind of a whirlwind. I had been pretty much homebound for about a month for different reasons....husband out of town or had meetings, friends too busy to go and do anything, too tired to attempt to go anywhere, busy at work, etc. It was getting to the point of ridiculous, and I was beginning to think that this mom was never going to get a night out. Then the drought ended I received multiple phone calls from friends and outings were planned, days were reserved....opportunities just started to pour in.

It started last Friday, I invited my co-worker gal from work and her husband over to come eat dinner with all of us crazy kids. It was a fun evening, then we kept busy over that following weekend. On Monday I went out with some friends (still cooked the family some dinner), Tuesday we had our small group from church to our house (I cooked the main dish), Wednesday I went out with my friend Tammy (I still cooked the family dinner), Thursday we had one of Steven's friends from high school over (made him a home cooked meal), on Friday Papa stopped by to take the older boys away from us cause they were heading up to Iowa this weekend to see Grandma's side of the family, so Steven brought some take out home for dinner and finally Saturday night I went to dinner and a movie with another couple of friends (this time my folks helped Steven and had him and the two younger kiddos over for dinner). In between all of this company and outings I had a babysitter come and stay with some of the kids while a select child went to work with me at the church - this happened 3 different times during the daytime hours. So guess who my new best friend is?

The dishwasher!!! I have always had a love/hate relationship with my dishwasher. I love the fact that I do not have to continually wash, rinse and dry every piece of dinnerware that is dirtied in our house....believe me.....but to load and unload the stupid thing is a feat that I usually need to preface with a good motivational pep talk. But this past week with all of its happenings and all of its cooking and entertaining and trying to make my house presentable-ing I completely fell in love with the appliance. Now I don't mind emptying or filling it one bit - in fact its kind of become a game to see how very little time I can spend at straightening up the kitchen. I think I must have had between 10 and 15 loads of dishes this past week alone. Yep, me and my dishwasher have become pretty tight. And the great thing is when the dishwasher is allowed to do its job, Lillie can have a bath in the sink cause its all empty and clean and available to bathe in....

The other friend(s) I have reconnected with recently are my crochet hooks. I used to crochet quite a bit....but my time has not been as free as it used to and I haven't had a project in mind for quite sometime, then I spotted a book in my local arts and crafts store and I bought it on an impulse buy (part of my birthday money I was saving for such an impulsive occasion). Then a project fell into my lap and I grabbed the new book and VoilĂ ....

Isn't he kinda cute? And it really took me no time at all to accomplish. Our church has a craft auction every year to help raise money for missions and this little guy along with some other baby essentials will go on the auction block in about a week - if I can get the Halloween costumes out of the way in sufficient time I may try to make a pal to go with him.

So at this point in time all this gal needs to live a fulfilled life is her crochet hook and a dishwasher....and some yarn, but that's all I need.....and some scissors, but that's it.....and some dishwashing detergent....oh and ok, my family too - alright, alright - I'm a very needy person, Ok!


Michelle said...

Good golly, look at those eyelashes!!! WOW.

RK said...

You are a better woman than I. When I get to go out with someone, I use it as a chance to duck out of fixing dinner!!

Glad Lillie's got a clean place to splash and look ridiculously adorable!