Friday, January 2, 2009

Another Year

Just in case you haven't heard, 2008 is over. Yeah, that's right, a new year has come around that corner and everything is fresh and new even though everything outside is dead (ok hibernating) and brown and ugly. It's usually hard for me to get excited about a new start when everything outside looks kind of sleepy and depressing. And even though I haven't had the need to write the date out and really let it sink in - I'm ready to take this on.

And this time around I am a little more excited than usual, and I can't really put my finger on why. It seems like something more than the calendar has taken a turn. A lot of things that I have been waiting on are starting to tremble and stumble and well, come alive. It's not anything I can point to and say, "hey did you see that, do you see how this is different?" Right now its more of a feeling and a mood - like some fun adventure is about to happen - at least I hope the adventure is fun.

So while 2008 was somewhat eventful - I mean, come on, we welcomed a girl into this family - it was a rather sleepy year for my little clan - the people that live under this roof. That is nice, but I don't think we are called to live sleepy years every year. I think maybe this is the year of change (and I'm not talking politics)...and good or bad I feel prepared to deal with it. The ground has been cleared the foundation has been poured and I'm ready to build! Build what? I'm not quite certain but maybe the murkiness will become clear soon.

This year Isaiah will be 8, Huston will start Kindergarten in the fall and will turn 5 in April. Lillie will celebrate her 1st birthday, will start walking and talking and maybe grow enough hair to make girly. Avery will hopefully move closer and closer to big boy status and chill out when he turns 4. This year Steven's brother and sister-in-law will have their first baby in the summer - huge transition. Steven's mom Gloria will retire from teaching and will have 5 grandchildren to keep up with. That is some exciting stuff and that's with out the unknown.

Enjoy this new year everyone and what it holds - good or bad it will shape you, change you and it will be an exciting adventure I am sure.


Michelle said...

I finally have some free time from this move to stopy by and wish you a happy new year!

Mrs Wibbs said...

sounds exciting... I love the sense of promise and anticipation that these first few January days hold! God is on the move :)