Friday, January 30, 2009

Aww, Wow!

Everyone is growing up all of a sudden. Hey moms out there, do your kids do this to you too? You know, you're a mom day in and day out and think that everything is pretty much the same as usual and then all of a sudden these little guys do stuff to make you aware of how much they are growing up. It's just an "aha" moment really.

Avery is so much better. His personality is mellowing a bit - fewer tantrums, more communication (which is huge - and a big factor in reducing the tantrums of course). He is beginning to think of other people - comforting them when they're sad, being helpful to his mom, etc. - and he even is allowing Lillie to touch him once in awhile - just quick gentle and light touches though, thank you very much.

Huston is turning the corner on the constant whiny voice, pouty thing. Luckily, for the most part, he saves it for his family only. When he is out and about in a class or at a play date he is very much more responsible and "big" acting. And he has voluntarily cleaned up his room the last few days. I truly thank God for this turn around.

Now Isaiah just totally melted my heart yesterday. We found out last week - when every sort of bad news seemed to be crashing in - that the father of a friend of his unexpectedly and surprisingly joined the army. (It was even unexpected and surprising to the wife and kids...) Isaiah came down from his room yesterday and he told me that he had written a letter to his friend....the letter said,

"Dear Friend,
I heard you're dad is in the army. I used to want to be in the army but I know it's a hard job. It sounds cool to have your dad in the army. -Isaiah

This is one of my army men (which he then taped an army man to the paper)

Isaiah 41:10 Do not fear for I am with you."

Now when I saw that he printed out a scripture verse to help his friend it almost did me in. Now I didn't cry or anything in front of the boy - but I was sure to tell him what a sweet thing that was for him to do. I shared this with a good home-schooler friend of mine and she called that our paycheck - and boy is she right.

Now on to some Lillie cuteness - cause you just can't have one without the other - she is the embodiment of cuteness (I know, I'm prejudice, bear with me.) She found an apple that a big brother had left behind, within her reach and so she started chewing on it. At first I went to take it away and she protested violently - she loves her food. So then I just let her have it to see what she would do with it....she knew what to do. Enjoy some apple eating pictures...

wow, this is a good apple!


Umm, Lillie, don't roll it on the floor....

Oh, mother!


Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

They grow so quickly! Time just flies! She is so cute eating her fruit - what fun expressions.

Mrs Wibbs said...

I love but LOVE that last picture!!! a taste of things to come?? what fun ;)
That letter your Isaiah wrote to his friend is so moving, it almost did ME in... He has such a strong faith - be encouraged: you are truly reaping the early fruits of much godly input in your children's young lives, and there will be lots more to come. Something wonderful to hang on to when the going gets tough...and the mundane, nitty-gritty messiness of life with 4 kids threatens to overwhelm you.

RK said...

Kids like that don't happen by accident. Isaiah is already showing what a good job his parents, and grandparents, are doing. And Lillie... SO much expression in such a little one!

Michelle said...

oh my goodness what cute apple-eating pictures! And she ate it so well! Guess it helps when you have teeth LOL

The letter from Isiah is just too sweet; especially including the army man and the verse!