Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Miss Lillie

Our little baby girl is 10 months now. Can't believe that in about 7 weeks we will be celebrating her 1st birthday (and it will be spring no less!).

She has been up to quite a few things. Lots of teeth as I showed you, kinda sorta, in a previous post. She is currently cutting a few more and one of them is another incisor - the pesky outside ones on the top. You know, the ones that are famous for causing grumpy behavior, sleepless nights, yucky diapers and runny noses. She has already broke one through and I had thought that she had both of them in - but I took a closer look today and this pesky one is right there - ready to break through but determined to cause more heartache before it comes. So she is a soggy, unhappy baby right now...see the worried look on her face?...

These days he is either sad because I am not holding her, begging to be held, or is being held...

...or sometimes she is giving up on being held and just plays with my toes.

But to be fair, she isn't a wet blanket the whole time. She is beginning to be a bit more adventurous in the walking department. Cruises around like a pro, so we brought out the baby walker toy and she does pretty good with it. She always sticks her tongue out when she's walking - like she's working really hard.

Here she is saying hey to her big brother, while he is eating his breakfast - this sometimes is a dangerous encounter...and yes she is pushing the toy backwards - she just holds on where she can and scoots it around.

She is talking and jabbering quite a bit - usually trying to tell me how bad off she is at this point in time...but she does like to jabber while she plays. And she likes to sing...karaoke anyone?

I think she knows how to say "hi" - you could chalk it up to wishful thinking on mom's part, but she is pretty consistent with it and usually waits for someone to acknowledge it. That's my story anyway, and I'm sticking to it.

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RK said...

Time flies...that's for sure. We have that walking toy too...but it gets away from Braska too quickly unless we weight it down. I say if Lillie can manage it backwards, then more power to her! Plus then she can just lean down and play whenever she wants...the action side is right there!