Sunday, January 4, 2009

Heading Out

I am sitting in my office at the church on this Sunday morning and listening to the chatter and busyness in the classrooms down this hall. In a few hours I will be leaving for Nashville to attend a children's ministers conference with my co-worker Katelyn. I have mixed feelings. I always have fun and gain new perspectives and new ideas at these conferences, but I will miss my kids.

For the most part when I first became a stay-at-home mom I was bored....looking for something to occupy my time besides wiping noses, bottoms, counter tops and floors. But now, I like where I'm at - the kids keep me busy and they are getting to an age where we can go and do and interact that much more. That is fun and I am going to miss 4 days of it.

I will be keeping myself busy while I am there so I doubt that I will have too much time to think and get homesick...but I will miss the smiles and hugs and craziness that usually fills up my day. I won't have Huston's predictable bedtime conversation. I won't have Avery's total goofiness, Lillie's smiles and laughter or have Isaiah amaze me with yet something else that he can now do. Good thing I have my blog. I can jump on Katelyn's computer and watch a movie clip or two....and praise God for cell phones too - so maybe things won't be so bad afterall and before I know it I will be in the mix of childish behavior again and longing for a break - I sure can be fickle.

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Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

Have a safe trip and a good time!!