Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh Yes, I'm Still Here

I came home on Thursday night to a clingy baby - I attributed the clingy-ness to me be away for those 4 days, but then the runny nose and the rattly chest came and Lillie has her first full blown cold....I think it's her first anyway...I can't remember her being sick before.

So she has been very needy and I have been enjoying the cuddles, but now the youngest boy has joined the club - and they have given it to their mother (I'm going to blame them anyway, really who knows where my stuff came from!)

Last night Avery spent a very fitful night in sick bay - the floppy chair in the living room. It's this old feather-stuffed lounge chair that I got at an antique store when Steven and I were first married. I scoot it up to the couch and sit them up to sleep in it while I doze on the sofa. It's a pretty good system. Lillie's sleep hasn't seemed to be effected too badly - thankfully I didn't need to try to deal with both kids last night.

And I caved, I pulled out the children's mucinex last night - we have had it in our cabinet for quite awhile - some lady gave a whole plethera of children's medicine samples to the church office and I stole a few for those days when sickness creeps up on you. I say that I caved in to this because I have totally been repulsed by the mucinex ads for a good long time. I mean really who wants to see those little green globs of you know what running around the screen - makes me want to wretch just thinking about it. But Avery was totally constricted in the chest last night and could not stop coughing so I caved and I must admit I think it is helping.

I also gave him a humidifier, a cup of water to sip on, and little bits of candy cane to suck on (a child's dream cough drop). And he finally settled down for a couple of hours and slept.

I started coughing at one point last night, just a slight cough - nothing in comparison to Avery's - and Avery said, "Oh, you ok mama?" I told him I was and he said, "good. I ok now too." I thought that was really sweet.

So today I've been getting cuddles from Avery as well as Lillie and there was only one time when they both wanted mommy at the same time and we managed. For those of you who don't know, Avery does not like Lillie touching him. He's getting better about it and he is softening to her presence but he has not been a fan of her curious fingers. It's not a totally malicious attitude toward her - just a very guarded one...and just so you know when he bows his head to pray the first thing out of his mouth is "Thank you God for Lillie" (or wiwie, that is).

So I am still kind of out of routine, and that just stinks - I am ready for normalcy again!


Mrs Wibbs said...

It's hard coming back to a needy family after being away... I'm about to fly off to my parents' in France, for 4 days, leaving all of them with Daddy... and I'm dreading coming home to chaos, whines, and whatever else they will throw at me! Sorry you got sick, along with them all :( Just what you didn't need... praying you all get better v v soon.
I gave you an award btw - did you notice??
much love, friend

RK said...

Isn't it funny how the "norm" sounds so good sometimes? And yet when it returns, we forget so easily... fickle, aren't we?

Be content in all situations...I'm still working on that, Paul!!