Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lots of Fun, A Little Bit of Snow

We got a trace amount of snow the beginning of this week. They were teasing us with forecasts of inches and we receive maybe 2 inches at the most. It didn't even cover up the grass and leaves. But the kids had fun in it anyway - as much as you can when there isn't enough to build with! Isaiah was sad to see it melt away this afternoon when the beautiful sun made its appearance. Personally? I am ready for spring, but I do like a pretty snowfall.


RK said...

Oh my goodness, great pics!! And we got plenty of the stuff, if you wanna come over for more playtime. :o)

Jason and Brook said...

It looks like they had fun. Jason said we got 5.5" today and he sure took his time cleaning it off the cars and driveway today, so I think he had fun with it too. :)